Affordable Housing is Top Choice of NRI Buyers too

The residential real estate market in India has grown significantly over the recent past, with the number of investors increasing. There are residential projects that are being developed nationwide that cater to every budget and taste, from high-end to affordable. Home investors today have numerous choices available to them, and they can pick the one that closely matches their requirements.

As incomes have increased, the number of high-end luxury development projects being developed across the country has also significantly increased. These elite residential projects under development offer residential units of the highest quality in excellent living conditions with superb amenities. Despite a marked increase in luxury residential properties in the sector, the majority of sales are in the affordable segment.

This is true for NRI home investors too, who are effectively busting the myth that they only choose luxury properties. Like the average Indian home investor, these buyers too are looking for residential units that offer comfort at affordable prices. The notion that NRIs only purchase luxurious and high-end properties no longer holds true in the current real estate scenario.

Real estate development companies in India are today constructing affordable projects that are in line with international standards and specifications. These projects feature several world-class amenities and offer their residents a high standard of living in safe and secure environments. This combination of affordable residential units with a high standard of living is luring increasing numbers of NRI home investors.

Every home investor is on the lookout for the same thing – a well-constructed home that is located in secure surroundings. Today’s investors are showing a preference in the residential real estate market for well-designed, smaller homes over lavish, spread-out layouts. With plenty of choices of affordable development projects in the market, NRI investors have a wide array to choose from.

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