Exploring the Prominent Locality of South Bangalore

South Bangalore is a highly developed area. One of the prominent localities of South Bangalore is Banashankari. When we hear or read this word, we think of a temple. It is one of the popular localities in South Bengaluru. The short form for this is BSK. Subramanya Shetty built this temple in 1915. The locality is the most prominent in Bengaluru. It has a vast population. It is one of the most active places because it has many development projects. The Banashankari is from Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road. There are many residential apartments. There are also real estate projects here. It is a properly planned locality. It has 6 phases.

Popular features of Banashankari

Let us look at some of the features of one of the prominent localities of South Bangalore- Banashankari.


This place has the best connectivity compared to other local cities in Bengaluru. The Banashankari TTMC bus station has buses that connect to almost all parts of the city. Metro also started here. People are using it to commute to other regions. There are cabs and autos also.


Banashankari has the best amenities and infrastructure. The residential areas are also developed well. It has many roads and trees around the locality. There are many shops within the locality to fulfill your daily needs. There are also many schools, shopping centers, and hospitals.

The temple

The goddess Banashankari is worshipped in this locality. The followers do prayers during Rahu kalam. They do it using lemon Dias in the temple.

Street food and shopping at the BDA complex

This locality is a must-visit for some good reasons. It has a variety of street food like chaat and sweets. There are also snacks and masala. Hari's super sandwiches are one of the popular sandwich joints in Bengaluru.

TuraHalli forest

There is the 6th stage on the eastern side of the locality. There is a famous TuraHalli reserve forest there. It is a good place for tourist interest place. All nature lovers go to this. It has 800-acre land of lush greenery. If you are a bird watcher or Rock climber, this place is the best for you.

Real estate

There is a reason why Banashankari is one of the prominent localities of South Bangalore. It has a huge demand for real estate. The locality is well-developed. Real estate investors want to invest here. They also want to build projects here. There has been an essential increase in property prices over the years in this place. The Banashankari 6th stages are still developing. So, the plotted developments may increase. You should invest in and around the locality. All types of developments are here to suit your budget.

Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy

There are film lovers who want to go to watch movies in the city. the cultural academy is for them. It has International and national movie screenings. There are also theater classes in this cinema.

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