Is it worth buying apartments in Bangalore?

Whether you buy apartments or invest in them in Bangalore is a big question. This is a tricking and twisting question. Bangalore is close to the IT hub. Let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of buying apartments in Bangalore.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Bangalore

Owning an apartment in Bangalore is a good investment for those who want to settle here. The people working in companies during their bachelorhood prefer to share their homes and save money. Most of the time, during the marriage, when people think of moving to a better neighbourhood, they need a proper house. A flat offers safety and a suitable living environment. People want to invest in apartments because many reputed builders come up with various strategies in offerings to attract customers. Some of these are

  • Shopping complex
  • Health Care Centre
  • School
  • 24-hour water supply, etc.
  • Security is also one of the essential aspects. The flat built by reputed builders has a good and peaceful living environment and security features.

Disadvantages of buying an apartment in Bangalore

Poor security

Many empty plots or lands are available for sale in the city. These are located on the outskirts of Bangalore. Due to thefts and vandalism, many people do not want to buy houses here. It would be best if you always took precautions before you proceed.

Uncertainty about the neighbourhood

You can choose the location according to your wish, but you cannot choose your neighbours. If you want your children to be safe and grow up in a peaceful environment, buying land with bad neighbours can be tricky.

A lot of expenses

If you are getting a salary or are self-employed, buying land comes with many expenses. You need sufficient funds to manage the rent and build the house.

No clue about the prospects

Only some of the areas of Bangalore promise good returns. Even the areas which are near the airports have lost their charm. There are significant rises and falls in the price. Since the number of people in the City is increasing it is becoming congested to live there. So you should always first make up proper research and get knowledge about the future growth potential of the area.


You must sign the dotted lines carefully after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of an apartment. You should check adequately and track the builders' records and many other things. You may be investing a lot of money even in a small flat and regret it later.

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