Malls Near Kanakapura Road

Kanakapura road is in located in South Bangalore, the sophisticated cultural hub of the city. Long considered one of the most genteel and cultured localities of Bangalore, the south zone has always had an almost old-world sophisticated, elegant, and polished air about it. This is one of the oldest suburbs of the city and has several old, well-established market places that the inhabitants of this zone would frequent, to get their daily shopping needs met. In terms of entertainment too, the south zone of Bangalore had several longstanding areas that were the traditional hubs of entertainment here. For any more modern forms of entertainment and leisure, the residents of this zone would have to make a trip to the central business district of the city, namely MG road and surrounding areas. The metamorphosis of Bangalore from laidback city to vibrant and energised metropolis touched South Bangalore too and this zone has also seen a lot of changes take place. While the south zone is still culturally extremely sound and retains its old world charm such as its longstanding marketplaces, this suburb has embraced the new in a big way. Kanakapura road in particular has seen numerous changes take place. There are now many glitzy and modern malls near this vital road such as the Royal Meenakshi Mall, KLM Fashion Mall, Gopalan Promenade Mall, and Gopalan Innovation Mall to name a few. These malls offer the residents of Kanakapura road a wide array of options in terms of retail and shopping as well as entertainment in the form of multiplexes and restaurants. Kanakapura road is the perfect example of the modern Bangalore – culturally strong and yet modern and cosmopolitan. The residents of this road have the best of everything Bangalore has to offer at their fingertips, all in verdant and clean surroundings.

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