What to look for before purchasing an apartment in Bangalore

It is a complex task to buy a home in Bangalore. Many options are available, and each option seems better than the previous one. People who buy a flat in Bangalore need to make some crucial decisions. The need to consider a few essential factors before investing. We shall look at some of the points before buying an apartment in Bangalore.

The budget

Before you want to start to look for a flat in Bangalore, you should have a budget in mind. Never look for a home first and then decide on the budget. First, find out what you can afford and then start looking. Consider your monthly expenses and how much you can save and plan according to them. Build a budget that will only wipe off your portion of your savings.

The location

Never underestimate the traffic in Bangalore. Traveling as little as 10 km can take you one or two hours. If you want to avoid spending the day commuting, make a wiser decision about where you want to live. It should be close to your work. It should have a good infrastructure and connectivity.

The documents

One of the essential points to check before buying an apartment in Bangalore is ensuring that all the property documents are in order. It is only possible to buy a house that has the correct documents. The very last option you want is to find yourself in court attempting to establish ownership. Make sure you keep a record of the primary title documents to prove that you are the property owner. You should also ensure the history of the property being sold. Keep an account of the parent deed, the building plan sanction issued by the city BBMP, khata extract, encumbrance certificate, any taxes paid, etc.

The water inspection

Bangalore is said to be a city where there will be no reliable municipal water supply one day. The city is growing at a high pace. One Cannot be sure that there will be water supply everywhere. Many apartments hire tankers and use rainwater harvesting systems because of this. So make sure that the water source is stable before buying an appointment.

The electrical inspection

Since we all know how important work from home has been, we must be sure of the electricity. One of the major points to check before buying an apartment in Bangalore is the electricity or Power backup. If you have a 24/7 power backup, then you need not worry. If not, you need to invest in a generator for your home.

Deal and discount on the property

Only buy the first home you like. Shop around well. The builders and lenders are offering some great deals and discounts out there. If you have a sharp eye for deals, you can save a tonne of money. Some builder offers you something like a free modular kitchen or cold coins. Some offer you EMI holidays and discounts. So, make sure that you are on the lookout for good deals.

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