Is Sarjapur Bangalore South or North?

Sarjapur is a neighborhood in the city of Bangalore. The area is now a major work hub. There are many tech parks and workspaces located here. It is a growing area that is now becoming a favorite among buyers of homes in the city.

To answer the question of is Sarjapur Road Bangalore south or north is that the area is in the southeast. By traditional definitions, the area is a part of the southern zone. Some people consider the area to be part of the southeast. It is between the southern and eastern parts of the city.

Sarjapur Road is a 21-kilometer link road. It runs from Koramangala in the city to the village of Sarjapur. The area was a quiet farming area on the outskirts until not long ago. A lot of changes then began to take place once the IT sector took notice of its potential. Many work areas soon came up here.

The road runs through the area and connects it to the Outer Ring Road. It can be easily reached from all other parts of the city. The distance from Sarjapur Karnataka to MG Road in the center of the city is about 27.8 kilometers. Is Sarjapur Bangalore south or north of the city? It is to the south.

Another main road that connects the area to other parts of Bangalore is SH 35. The road is a major route for commuting. People who work in the IT hub of Whitefield and live in Sarjapur use this road. The distance from Whitefield to Sarjapur is 15 kilometers. It takes about 30 minutes to travel between the two areas.

In terms of the Sarjapur Road distance to other parts of the city, it is 13 kilometers from Electronic City. It is a major tech hub in the south of the city. The area is 37 kilometers from the city's airport. It is in the northern zone of the city. The area has a well-developed railway network.

The appeal of the area is added to by its excellent connectivity. The physical framework of the area is very good. It has a large and extensive network of wide roads. The metro of the city is also now being built in and around the area. The line will further add to the access of the area.

Like the rest of the city, this area is also developing at a fast pace. There are many well-developed services here, and the people of the area live in comfort. There are a lot of world-class hospitals, schools, and colleges in the area. It is a trendy locality that has plenty of shopping malls and other areas for fun.

The doubt that many people have is, is Sarjapur Bangalore south or north? The question is cleared by stating that it is an area that is in the southeastern part of the city. The question of whether it is in South or Southeast Bangalore is still a matter of debate.

There are a lot of roads that connect the area to other parts. The access and services have made the area a chosen place to live in the city. Many homes are being developed in the area. There are a lot of people moving into the neighborhood. The area is now extremely trendy and hip and has a thriving community.

The neighborhood is one of the fastest growing in the city. In spite of the query of is Sarjapur Bangalore south or north, it is the perfect spot for those looking for a peaceful area to live in. It is close to all the city’s services and attractions. It is also accessible from all the work areas of the city.

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